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Hours of Operation
Sun-Thurs 11am-11pm
Friday 11am-Midnight
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923 West 7th
Little Rock, Arkansas 72201

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Vino's beers are brewed fresh with only the finest natural ingredients. No chemicals and no preservatives. We strive to produce flavorful brews, emphasizing quality not quantity.

In this section of our site, we want to acquaint you with all of our handcrafted ales, give you a brief overview of the history of beer, and introduce you to a few brewing terms in an attempt to expand your understanding of the process. Once you've checked out all of our brews, you might want to learn more about our brewing process and our head brewer.

Try one of Vino's brews on your next visit with a great pizza or calzone, or take one home to drink later in one of our convenient growlers. We think you will enjoy the unique flavors of our fresh, handcrafted ales!


6 Bridges Cream Ale

Light-bodied golden ale, slight hop aroma, very drinkable.


Pale Ale

Medium-bodied amber ale, lightly fruity with hop aroma.


Lazyboy Stout

Medium-bodied dark ale with a rosasted flavor and a hint of chocolate. No bitter aftertaste.


Ouachita ESB

This medium-bodied amber ale has a pleasant hop aroma and a zesty flavor with a bite to it


Rainbow Wheat

A classic Munich style Heffe-Weissbier, with a light slightly fruity flavor and an underlying sweetness.


Pinnacle IPA

A traditional India Pale Ale, light bodied, golden-amber in color with an intense hop aroma produced by dry-hopping during fermentation. A very tasty ale with little bitter aftertaste which makes it great on a hot day.


Quawpaw Quarter Porter

Named after Little Rock's historic section of town, this porter gets its dark, rich reddish-brown hue from a combination of crystal and chocolate specialty malts that give it a full-bodied malty flavor and aroma.


English "Old-Style" Ale

This is a medium-bodied dark and vinous ale, similar to the style of "old" traditional ales that the British pubs have been making for centuries. Toffee and roast malt in the mouth, with a deep bitter finish. Alcohol: 5.5% by volume.


Razor Bock



Shamrock Stout

A rich, full-bodied beer with an oatmeal creaminess, a hoppy flavor and balanced aroma with a hint of honey.


Aphrodite Red Ale

A medium-bodied, amber red ale, with a malty, slightly sweet palate and Perle hops aroma.


Rock Hopera Imperial IPA








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